Job-Fair Week in Average-Land

I’m heading off to the West coast for two weeks on Friday. I’ll be visiting my relatives (who are scattered around Langley, Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Victoria – you name it, I probably have a relative there) and my fabulous sister Dizzy’s family – pictures of adorable niece sure to follow.

While I’m away, I’m trying to find some guest bloggers to fill my shoes and take care of the plants since Falwless almost killed them last time she stayed in Average-Land (PS. Falw, red wine is not good for plants – no matter how many “nutrients” it supposedly has).

The Imaginary Reviewer
inadvertently gave me a fabulous idea based on his hilarious post and the fact that I’m searching for a new job. Instead of asking people to just write an entry, I’m asking everyone and anyone to send me a story that has to do with employment.

Anything at all about a job: finding one, having one, losing one, hating one, loving one, first job or current. Anything really that has to do with a job. It’ll be job-fair week in Average-Land!

Send any stories: short, long, sad, funny or ridiculous, (hell even just make one up) to by October the 9th at midnight. I’ll be sure to email you back with the day your post is appearing and give you lots of blog loving on the post itself (links etc.)

12 responses

  1. Have a good trip! You might be hearing from me …

  2. I’m the HR Director for my company, so I have literally THOUSANDS of good stories about employment. (Do they have “HR” in Canada? I always get confused by the metric system and whatnot.)Anyway, here’s < HREF="" REL="nofollow">a funny story<> I posted on my blog awhile back.

  3. I’ll try to email you something new also, for you to post.

  4. Yay for 2 week vacations (even if it is with/visiting family)

  5. Very cool idea! Normally I’d be totally up for the challenge and I have a great job story but I’m going away on Saturday myself and won’t have time to write it cos it would be quite long. Boo!!! 😦

  6. Ha! Job Fair Week! I love it! Have a great trip! Oh, and if you’re in Victoria, say hi to the MacQuarries for me. They’re people I know in Victoria.

  7. “The West Coast” I automatically assume you mean Mean Girl Territory and start plotting a “blog convention”. Self centered American maybe? lol

  8. Have fun on your trip!! I might be able to send something over your way, but I’ve been slacking on my own blog so much lately, we’ll see!

  9. oh fucking shit.i had kept this as ‘mark as unread’ because i have a FABULOUS STORY about my first job. i worked at the hershey chocolate factory. fo reals.i’ll try and fit in some time to write it today and if ya get on the computer while your momma is sewing up your costume, you can post-a-roo it.anyway. HAVE FUN IN MY HOME PROVINCE. do not let the rain dishearten you. it’s beautiful. (and cold these days, but you’re used to that).

  10. i take back my ‘oh fucking shit’. why am i so dumb?IT’S OCTOBER 9TH TODAY.i’m not late.sigh. think before you comment, people. think before you comment.i’ll try and get my chocolate factory story to you by the end of today.

  11. Haha – if not, I do have access to a computer all week. It’s just knowing when I’ll be with the whole fam and when I’ll have “alone-time” to be able to post 😉Send it over I still have two spots!

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