I Still Didn’t Get The Plant

The interview went well the other day (I wore the red) so I had a second interview Friday – where I wore the blue. I met three of the Vice-Presidents who work there and one of them is gorgeous and young – making the interview slightly awkward for me. I had to try to explain what exactly a Unicef Global Parent does – which is give money. I made up some charity event crap so it didn’t sound like I just stuck it on my resume for no reason. Apparently giving money is not volunteering.

Anyway, I’m waiting to hear back from the temp agency as to whether I got it or not.

This weekend a bunch of my girlfriends and I got together for a Sex & The City party. Hiker made us all dinner, we drank copious amounts of red wine while watching the movie then decided to go out.

Well Hiker was pretty drunk by the time we got to the bar and nearly fell over several times. Blondie was getting more and more upset that the guy she’s been seeing (but assured us she doesn’t “like”) hadn’t called her yet, Curly was playing catch-up since she doesn’t really drink but will do shooters, and I was just drinking and dancing away.

At the second place we went Hiker decided she was too drunk and had to go. She went to the bathroom with her roommate and promptly got kicked out of the bar. I’m not really sure what happened there, all I know is she was there then she was gone.

I got a phone call from Blondie saying they were outside so out I go – to find no one. Sitting on a bench outside I finally see Blondie and Curly holding each other up walking towards me. We decide Thai Tai Vietnamese subs are the way to go after a full night of drinking.

Standing in line, Curly mentions she likes the plant so I decide to hide it under my shawl. Ya, nice one Alice.

I hear my name so I turn to see ex-Pseudo‘s two best friends. Well, goody for me. Then one of them says not to worry and give it a few months Pseudo will be back with me and he’s not really in love with this new girl. Right, like I care. No really I don’t.

Except then I went back to Blondie’s (after she hailed us a ride with a bunch of Russians. We gave them fake numbers (I swear 613 is a Calgary number – yup!) and went inside to eat our subs. By this time Blondie was livid at the dude she’s seeing, for not calling so she called him and they ended up getting in a huge fight.

Meanwhile Pseudo’s friend sends me a text saying: “Looking good buddy” so I of course decide it’s a great idea to email Pseudo (at 3 in the morning, drunk). Thank gawd I was too lazy to remember his real email address and thank gawd I took him off my friends list on Facebook because I tried to send the following message about thirty times before realizing that it just wasn’t going to work and I should stop trying:

I know I screwed up, but I will always love you

Note to self: Maybe next time, don’t watch a LOVE movie and then get hammered and also try to avoid ex-Pseudo’s friends at all costs.

Holy hell what a month I’m having.

17 responses

  1. OMG!! I can totally imagine this! I need to lay off boozing while watching sex & the city. I went with my girls to see it, got too drunk and had to leave while throwing up…i STILL haven't seen it!Oh ya and my friends stole a giant tree that was in a planter from outside of a coffeeshop and walked it home a few blocks, we do smart things like that lol!

  2. Hmmm, I don’t want to worry you but you and your friends seem to have a contagious case of black strip eye – I’m not sure if it can be cured!!! 🙂

  3. good call on removing from the friends list – drunk emailing is worse than drunk texting somehow (I think because more effort is involved)

  4. I want to invent something that stops you from sending drunk texts, emails etc…Always the worst! Great blog-meaghan

  5. This is why I don’t smoke plants.Wait you just stole it?nevermind.

  6. Well good luck with the job 🙂Gotta watch out for that drink-n-dial stuff. It’s dangerous!

  7. Ooh, the old drunken email/text. I’m lucky, whenever I got drunk enough to send text messages to my exes, I was usually past the point of making sense. They’d call me back a few days later and ask why I sent them a message saying “tsxmmhhgat hat hat ruined my wifeohshitwhereiam/ha”

  8. I think drunk texting/emailing is slightly less embarassing than drunk dialing. Looks like you guys had tons and tons of fun.

  9. What a disastrous evening, sounds like a lot of fun though. I’m sure you girls will be talking about it for some time to come. PS.. You girls must have broken some hearts looking like that!

  10. Well hello ladies.-slicks back hair-

  11. Hmmm…is it just me or was pseudo’s friend maybe hitting on you in that text? Hehe, it’s always a little boost to the esteem when an ex’s friends like you more than the current girl=)Oh and I am starting to hate my dark hair, I’d stick with the blonde!

  12. I’ve had friends ACTUALLY take the plant before. Let’s just say they’ve also been kicked out of a lot of places. Goooood times! Lol.Lookin’ good! Love the colour of your dress!

  13. 1. good luck with the job. try to refrain from telling them about your plant-theiving ways.2. calgarians LOVE vietnamese food. or, at least all my friends did when i lived there. and now you too. i find this odd. horses and cows and THAI TAI.3. good call on the facebook deletion. like, REALLY, REALLY good call.

  14. Wowzers. Thank God you couldn’t get that email to him. Could you imagine the uh-oh feeling you would have had the next morning?

  15. So I have a question. When a group of very attractive females such as yourselves get together, do pillow fights just sort of break out spontaneously? Or do you have to plan those in advance?

  16. Oh man, thank goodness you deleted him. That could have caused some problems!Good luck with the job! Is it a temp position?

  17. I think everyone should put their own number in their phone as “Ex,” and then text themselves dumb crap whilst drunk, so that they can never embarrass themselves in front of other people again.

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