What Not To Wear

I’m in the midst of dying my hair at this moment. I decided on blonde again since I can do it myself and I’m cheap (also, unemployed). I guess that explains why I spent over $400 on new clothes yesterday.

Alice = impractical

I’m getting ready for my job interview, which is this afternoon (in T minus 2.5 hours). I had decided on wearing a dark gray skirt with a red pinstripe sort of thing (not like plaid but more then a stripe, you know? I dunno whatever, it’s fucking red and gray ok?) with a nice red sweater.

Then I looked up “What to Wear to An Interview” on anal-retentive.com and apparently red is too aggressive. Change of plans – blue and gray skirt, blue sweater. Then I see: “it is never acceptable to wear a collarless shirt”. Is that for men or for women?

The sweater I’d wear is brand spanking new, not too tight but not baggy, not too low-cut but flattering. I have no clue. I haven’t interviewed in ages. My last job I didn’t interview for, I went on a day assignment and they asked me to stay permanently. The job before that was 4 years ago now!

Oh and apparently no bare legs? Who the hell wears pantyhose anymore? That means I have to go to the store and buy the stupid things because I sure don’t own them.

I wouldn’t actually be giving this so much damn thought but it’s a female interviewing me. Men are easy, women judge.

I better go rinse my hair out before it turns green and matches my third choice of outfit.

This is why phone interviews are the way to go.

32 responses

  1. Good luck out there! Don’t forget to be sober for it!

  2. You’ll be fine – wear what you feel comfortable in and yet is still smart. Who gives if it’s red, blue, orange or pink. Look professional and hot and you’ll be fine!

  3. Good luck, and don’t comment on the interviewer’s weight!

  4. Just a Few Suggestions:Red – Yes, could be seen as a little agressive if it is overwhelming. Small, soft doses are ok. Don't forget red also projects confidence.Collarless is ok for woman, but on an interview it is best to show up almost as dressed up/professional as you might be required to be at anytime in that position. Even if normal office wear is khakis & a sweater, they need to know you are comfortable & confident in a suit if the situation demands it. (I'd go for sweater with oxford underneath.)If you're reading sites that say no bare legs… you're reading the wrong site. Most companies have changed their policies on bare legs. However, the financial industry and a few other stoic, traditional ones may still require stockings/tights.After your interview, makes notes of questions you felt you didn't answer well or topics you wished you'd brought up. Then you'll be feel more prepared if you get a second interview.(*sigh* I worked in & near HR depts for far too long)GOOD LUCK!!!!

  5. ewwww pantyhose! Sorry babe…that’s just brutal!Good luck on your interview, I’m sure you’ll be great!

  6. For extra money, why don’t you bring Blondie to an open mike night and just ask her questions. People will think it’s a comedy act.

  7. Im sure you’ll be great and good luck to you!!!

  8. Just go in relaxed and confident. The outfit only matters so much.

  9. Wait…I didn’t mean for that to sound condescending or dismissive. I was just being brief. I’m nice…I’M NICE!

  10. I don’t buy any of that stuff. Sweater is fine as is bare legs.You’re going to win them over with your natural sparkling personality and charm anyways 😉

  11. Pantyhose!? No one wears those things anymore. There is really no point to them anyways. And I’m pretty sure the collar thing is for the dudes. Good luck!

  12. When we used to do our newscasts in our journalism class we were told red actually accentuates your personality since it makes you seem more striking. Not in a Ronald McDonald way but more of in a hey I have som red on way.I’m not sure what i just said.

  13. oh em gee. this post made me break out into hives. i think i accidentally wore flip flops to my last job interview.i’ve read before that red is a good color for job interviews because it makes you look confident or something? i specifically recall wearing yellow to my first interview with the fancy-pants company that eventually gave me my first Real Job out of college. the grey skirt sounds hella cute!

  14. I hate that pre-interview “what to wear” dilemma. Yikes! Good luck perfecting your outfit and getting the job 🙂

  15. Do you remeber the dilemma Jeff from the show “Couplings” had before an interview? Was funny.Whats the job?

  16. Do you remeber the dilemma Jeff from the show “Couplings” had before an interview? Was funny.Whats the job?

  17. Best of luck! I will have to interview again soon.I miss being a blond, but whenever I do it myself, it ends in disaster, so I am back to my natural color.

  18. I once wore a light pink suit (which actually looks far better than it sounds) to an interview and I got the job, even though it was for a pretty traditional university. Looking forwards to hearing how it went!

  19. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m glad to be a dude.Good luck!

  20. you will do great!wear something you feel comfortable and great in, but is still appropriate for work settings.good luck!!

  21. Ugh, I hate dressing for interviews. I have one myself on Monday and I think I’m just going to stick with my trusty old suit.

  22. hah, i’m sure you’ll nail the interview, no matter what you’re wearing.but i say go with the red. red = confident.

  23. How’d it go? If you don’t get it, you can just call it a “practice interview”. Everyone else does.

  24. I tend to just wear trousers. Less hassle.

  25. Oh yes, the dreaded pantyhose. Unfortunately, although they’re the single most impractical item of clothing ever invented, they’re totally an interview necessity. I only know this because, at my current job, my boss told me that the job was between me and one other girl. For our second interviews, I wore pantyhose – she didn’t. And so, the job was mine. Seriously. Fabric that costs 99 cents and rips when you sneeze on it got me my job.Good luck in your job search! I love your blog, by the way.

  26. i think the best thing to do for a young attractive woman like yourself is to dress very conservatively because people in the business world tend to judge young attractive woman more critically. i used to wear back slacks, black flat loafers, and a light blue button up to interviews. yes, i probably looked like a nun, but it worked. then i brought out the goods later, haha.

  27. <>@ Tova –<>Holy crap! I think I’d be scared to work for someone like that! I hope your boss is at least a woman, because if a man told me he was examining my legs that closely in an interview, I think I would be majorly skeezed out.

  28. I say boo to panty hose. If you’re really nervous about bare legs go with tights. But I was interviewing a ton last year and I did both the bare legs and collarless shirts and it was fine.

  29. um…hillarious “it’s fucking red and gray, ok?” that’s all i remember. you made me laugh out loud. good funny. good luck.

  30. You know, some of the best things in life have happened to people who have left their jobs/fired. Try to think of what you’ll want to be doing 5 years from now and 20 years from now and go do that.I went thru my quarter life crisis, and now I’m in Africa. Who know where you’ll end up.good luck!

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