I Was Tired…Ok!?!

I just did something so absolutely alarming, I can’t even believe I’m sharing it with you. It was my first time – I wanted to try it out, see if I was cut out for it. It’s so shameful, I have to take a deep breath here…

I wore my pyjamas to the store.

I know, right?

I’m not talking about cute little Lululemon yoga pants or fancy pants little shorty shorts, I mean I wore baby blue sweatpants in public.

I just know the girl at the store was judging me too. Oh I saw the way she gave me the once over. From my flip-flops that showcase my chipped red toenail polish (I have a pedicure scheduled tomorrow – swearsies!) up my AE clad legs, to my white hoodie, disheveled ponytail and the box of KD I sheepishly put on the counter.

I may as well have bought kitty litter, ice cream and twinkies and stamped a giant “Single Girl!” stamp on my forehead.

We all know it’s only downhill from here. Next thing you know I’ll be at the welfare office in a ketchup stained wife-beater waiting in line to collect stamps for free toilet paper and icing sugar.

Then again, who doesn’t like a little free TP?

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  1. I got over the wearing PJ’s in public thing after my 1st year Bio 112 prof pointed out to the ENTIRE 200 person lecture that I was wearing teddy-bear PJ pants!!! It was am 8:00am class after the first huge pub-night of the year! Regardless, after that embarassment I’ve never worried about going out in my pj’s. I think the guy at my old video store has seen me in every incarnation of PJ’s that I own. My housemates and I had a regularly scheduled stoner-movie-night and the convenience store and video store guys knew to expect us on Sunday nights too stoned to function beyone buying masses of candy.Good times that Vancouver, good times.

  2. ahahhaha…I do it all the time …but I ad a hat and sunglasses, yes even at night 🙂

  3. Come on now. PJ’s in public is just not right. It doesn’t take long to throw something on!!

  4. Just get used to saying, “What are you lookin’ at?”

  5. It’s o.k. as long as the back of you sweats says something like“Hot Stuff” or “Funky Fresh”

  6. You won’t see me judging you. I’ve had a few of those days myself.

  7. At least you didn’t bump into someone you know…that’s the worst. It always seems to happen that when I brave the store in my ugly PJ’s with crazy hair I bump into someone I know.

  8. I’ve OCCASIONALLY kept my pyjama top on, went braless and stuck a coat on, but i will always change my bottoms!!! I salute your bravery!

  9. congrats and welcome to a new world!I been doing this for ages, if you go to Norway you will see that people live in their sweatpants and pj´s. they wear it everywhere.I have actually gone clubbing in my satin blue pj pants, yeah I know…it was a phase, but hey you gotta live on the edge right?

  10. and that would be the day that i would just so happen to run into my ex. it always works like that, right?

  11. PJ’s in public is so standard operating procedure for me.I’m a slob somedays…

  12. PJ’s in public is so standard operating procedure for me.I’m a slob somedays…

  13. Hey I just found your blog by Google recommendation on my Google Reader. I have to say I’m loving it.And oh man, I totally did that whole PJ s thing too. But that’s just cause I was too damn lazy to do the laundary and get clean clothes =pAlso, regarding your inability to pronounce “papaya”, I can’t pronounce “beach” to save my life. So I know how it feels.

  14. I remember the old days when I changed clothes and put make up on just to go out to the grocery store… now it’s more like, What the heck, I’m so over it!(I think it’s more laziness than being over it haha)

  15. Hot women can get away with absolutely anything, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. However, if you suffer a face-based injury, you may have to start dressing up.

  16. Pyjamas! You crazy proper speaking people!

  17. I honestly had no idea going out in your pajamas was weird or unacceptable.My brother asked me yesterday what fashion trend I would like to start.My answer: Continual sweat pant wearage.Looks like I need to think of a new answer.

  18. Ha ha! I was actually considering doing this on Saturday! I nearly went to the corner store in my jammies to pick up a paper. While the prospect had a certain Big Lebowski charm, I decided against it.

  19. I’ve moved beyond the point of caring what I look like at the grocery store. Unfortunately the Take Home Chef doesn’t come to WV, so I don’t have to worry about him seeing me.

  20. Um hell yes for the free TP!I only ever once ventured out in my pjs. It was a trip home from my friend’s house after a big night out. I was so scared that something would happen to my car or something and I would be forced to show my jimmy jams to the general public.

  21. I’ve done it. But only since I bought the most glorious pyjama pants at Wal-Mart this summer. They’re a blindingly pinkish-plaid pattern and are the most comfortable thing on God’s pink earth. So, the people in my neighborhood can suck it. They’re not worth getting all gussied up for anyway.

  22. Baby blue sweatpants is nothing. Come spend a few days at my old college and you’ll see that sweatpants are the ONLY thing girls wear on campus.Boy shorts, then we’d be talking.

  23. Pssshh…it’s all good baby.Sweatpants in public are def. the best way to say “I don’t give a fuck what you think.”I say rock’em girl.I know I have…many times.

  24. I’ve been guilty of it many many many times! Who cares if your wearin your PJs to the drugstore, tanning salon etc.? As long as you don’t go to a job interview or business meeting like that! I’m on my way to school with half my makeup on so I can do the other half before I go out later. This includes flesh tone eyeshadow, some foundation and NO powder. So yeah… I look like a monotone greaseball…on purpose 😛 (I dunno WHY I just admitted that btw)

  25. Lol! Darling, the point is not what you wear out, but how you wear it! You have to walk into that store like you own the place even in your foe-pony and flip-flops! Own that chiped nailpolish like you chipped it while “knockin’ boots” and wear those sweats like they are the next hot thing from the London catwalks! No harm, no foul. 😉

  26. Wait, you don’t dress like that all the time? But, but, but…..I do….man it sometimes sucks to be a mom….

  27. yea, I agree with the rest. Didn’t you ever go to college? That’s all girls wear. I guess you’re supposed to be an adult now though. What if you had ran into your boss or the love of your life?

  28. It could have been worse. You could have gone out in one of those full body jumpers with the footies and a flap over the butt. Now THAT would be embarrassing.

  29. …or you could have gone out in lingerie like Brooke Hogan regularly does…http://www.cyclingpeace.org/gallery/albums/album139/BrookeHogan_Getty_Exp10032008_400.jpgWe still love you. PJs or no PJs.

  30. This made me laugh. I did the sweats to the store too. I saw a few cute girls clad in yoga pants give me THE LOOK, but I didn’t care. Sometimes sweats are necessary. Besides, if I have to get dressed up (and yes, sometimes wearing nice yoga pants falls into the ‘dressed up’ category) anytime I leave the house, well… I may never leave the house.Sweatpant wearers unite!

  31. I feel the same way, I wore my pjs out in public once (ONCE!). Never did it again.Before my bf & I moved in together, I would sometimes go over to his place at like 9 pm, knowing we weren't going to be out, in my pjs. I was mortified doing that even!!!

  32. Oh girl, pjs in public can be liberating! lol

  33. HA HA! I did this once in college and I will never forget it. Some days just call for that. 🙂

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