Who Needs Enemies…Part One

I was going to delay writing about my weekend because it was such a shit show and I can’t believe I drank so much and partied so much but here it is. Yes, I like to drink, usually I can control myself and not be an absolute AH while I’m drinking and normally I’ll have one “party night” and one semi-casual Lounge or bottle(s) of wine night on the weekend.

This weekend however, I decided that Friday night was karaoke time. I drunkenly dragged 8 people from work that I hardly knew out to a karaoke place I’d never been. To get to this place (recommended by a friend) you had to go into the back alley behind a row of bars, through a sketchy parking lot and down a flight of stairs.

Once we got to the bottom we realized that we were the only white people in the whole place. All the private rooms were booked already and the main room didn’t have any tunage happening. We decided to leave and somehow were left with only four of us. We proceeded to venture over to a dance bar close by.

Well, the bartender took a bit of a liking to me and was feeding me gin and tonics. Not single ones either, they were doubles or quite possibly triples. He wasn’t charging me for any of it, even when I got a drink for a male friend of mine.

We danced, drank shots then decided it was a good idea to go to an after-party. I text messaged one of the BPBBoys telling him to meet us at U and Me (this awesome super late night Chinese restaurant). However, my phone died and I never ended up going to the restaurant.

I remember I started crying to one of my guy friends about something ridiculous and basically had a meltdown. Gin and Alice? Friends off. So he dragged me to a party at another friend of ours house. Really, I should have been sent home in a cab with my address taped to my forehead so I got home safely.

Of course, I vom’d my guts out at our friends house, and passed out. Luckily one of my friends had to work early so I got a ride home and was able to fall asleep in my own comfy bed.

Saturday I planned to lay around, eat bad food and maybe go to this concert I had box seats for. I was still debating but when Blondie called to tell me she was so excited to go drinking, I knew I had to go… I probably should have stayed at home…

17 responses

  1. Ah, the memories of having a social life. If only my new job wasn’t full of middle aged accountants.

  2. Uh-oh…I am waiting with bated breath for the next instalment!

  3. Gin is for homeless people. But vomiting is a great workout for your abs.

  4. Free drinks = guaranteed public hurlage.

  5. karaoke. The begining of all things regretful. If you’re me

  6. Alcohol makes me exeedingly witty, charming, and irresistable to the opposite sex. At least that’s how I remember things.

  7. I too vom'd my guts out this weekend. I was worthless all day Saturday but had to go out since friends came down to meet me and Stiletto's. I was NOT in the mood to rage & drink more, I SO know how you feel!

  8. I didn’t drink AT ALL last weekend so guess you did my share for me!

  9. Oh lady, I feel your pain. Actually, I feel it right now, only difference is I’m hung over at work and afraid I’m going to ook at my desk.(ook=vom)Tequilla is the liquor that makes me cry. If I have more tequilla than I should, it’s guaranteed I’m crying about something by the end of the night.

  10. So did you go to the concert!?!?

  11. Oh Lord, your weekend sounds a lot like mine. Ugh. Any night that ends in vom had to have at least started good right? HA!

  12. Drinking + Crying = memories.

  13. All of you people with “lives” can go fuck yourselves. With all your “liquor” and your “friends.” Sod off.

  14. Grant Miller, from my experience Drinking + Crying = Complete Lack of Memories.But what do I know.

  15. I get that…it reminds me of my weekend. < HREF="http://jadesdarlinglife.blogspot.com" REL="nofollow">Check it out.<>

  16. Drinking and crying is one small step above drinking and driving. But both are totally horrible crimes and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

  17. my Imaginary friend – that’s why you get a second job full of young, hip kidsKez – haha…oh the weekends are torture to my bodyPistols – who said I had a home? Oh, <>I<> did? Fooled ya!Ben – agreed 100%Dr. ZibZabZoob – karaoke is evil in and of itself (or something)Jon – it makes me exceedingly stumbly, loud, obnoxious and rude – teach meRingleader – Ugh, I hear youPaula – oh yes, more then your share I’m afraid Lyla – Tequila = Devil(un) – I (unfortunately?) didsmilf – they all start good…Grant – not necessarily good ones thoughFalw – at least you have Bluem in sf – exactly my pointJade – yup, right there with me!Del-V – someone needs to invent a stop crying drink

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