Tweets – (sidenote: WTF is a Tweet?)

First of all, if I used Twitter wouldn’t that technically make me a Twitterer(er?) and each of my entries known as Twits? I guess being a Twit isn’t as fun as being a Tweet though and the derogatoryness* of the word kinda brings down the whole party. No one likes a party-pooper. Well, except maybe This Guy. Then again, he’s a little mentally unstable at the best of times.

On with the show!

So my understanding of Twitter is that people send Tweets to other people, kind of like text messages (please correct me if I’m wrong – I am clueless here people). What I’m wondering is where these messages show up? On your phone? On a blog? Somewhere else entirely?

Do you use this tool to tell others everything you are up to or only the most important random, perhaps hilarious updates?

Well, if I were a Twittereraneser here is what my Tweets would look like**:

9:46 pm Can’t decide whether to go karaokeing with TitBags or have red wine with Frenchie
11 pm Drinking moonshine with Anthony Keidis while deciding
12:07 pm Karaoke it is (AK’s so selfish)

10:04 am Where are my pants? Where am I?
3:17 pm Blondie on her way to pick me up for skydiving lessons
9:20 pm Broken legs heal pretty fast, right?

I’m not so sure about this – can my mom subscribe? She already added me on Facebook (along with my aunts, my great-uncle in England, my Nana and my cousins pet dog – not even kidding)Honestly though, I think people would get super bored with me after one normal day.

Take today for example:

6:30 am – Woke up to Fleetwood Mac – again (must be Fleetwood time on radio?)

7:29 am – Rushed out door to see bus driving by
8:07 am – Drank third coffee of the morning. Cutting back is working well.
10:00 am – Daydreamed about winning the lottery, frolicking in fields of daisies and red wine lakes
Noon – Went to Thai Express for delicious spicy curry soup
12:41 – Bought Tide-To-Go to clean aforementioned soup off my white shirt

For now I think I’ll just stick to blogging. All this newfangled technology you kids use has me flabbergasted.

*I’m all about the made up words today
** You can totally lie while Twittering, right?

18 responses

  1. You text or enter tweets to the twitter site Then people whole also are signed up for twitter can follow your tweets. I have my twitter feed on our blog because sometimes I don’t have time or refuse to blog. Also works well for remembering drunken nights because often you send tweets during the course of the night.

  2. I twitter…mostly complete nonsense. When I’m drunk they get real ridiculous! your friends or people who follow you on twitter see your updates either on the web or via text if they subscribe that way.

  3. OK, who is this Titbags?

  4. That’s what most of my “twits” look like – and what most of my MORNINGS go like . . .

  5. “Where are my pants? Where am I?”I have to admit I’ve asked myself that one or two times.

  6. Yes, I’ve signed up for this Twitter nonsense myself but haven’t actually put it to use yet. I think I’m terrified of confronting the ridiculous shitpile of boring my life truly is, displayed with pathetic tweets like <>11:43 AM: Ate a sandwich<> and <>1:12 AM: Cried myself to sleep. Again.<>That’s some riveting shit right there.

  7. “Twitter” has to be awesome or it never would have survived with that name.Also, your made up messages are very, very funny 🙂

  8. I curse entirely too much. I’m sorry. Fuck.

  9. I admit my tweets are totally boring. Maybe I should take your suggestion of lying in them… hmmmm.and everyone above already explained what Twitter is otherwise I would have 🙂

  10. sounds like you know exactly what youre doing 🙂 for the record, lying is totally acceptable, often encouraged. i just started tweeting last friday. i resisted for quite a while, but now i am 100% addicted.

  11. A ‘tweet’ in one of those really tight sounding farts, like when you’re trying to be sneaky but all hell breaks loose.You asked!

  12. Reason #607million why I love your blog so much, you sound just as confused by all these bloggy things as I am!

  13. I’ve only just started tweeting/twittering (wtf – I get what you mean) lately. I have a feed on my blog.It has made me realise how boring I am because I can only be bothered updating it when I’m bored and have nothing else to do.But still, I persist. It’s dangerous like that.

  14. You’d be a Tweep. 😀I twitter about any neat finds I come across on the web, updates about my job, etc. It’s useful to keep up with my peers in business–people I am not so close to, but with whom I want to keep up.

  15. Let’s discuss how we can use the TWAT pun most effectively here. Let’s say action meeting tomorrow at 9?

  16. Moonshine is always a bad idea. And so is letting people (like your parole officer) know where you are at all times.

  17. 1. i don’t use twitter either, mostly cause i’m not that interesting.2. flabbergasted is one of my favorite words. EVER. i heart you.

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