I Lose

I’m sort of freaking out right now. My boss gets back from vacation tomorrow and I need to have two weeks worth of stuff to tell him that I did, when in reality my days went something like this:

8 am – Get coffee
8:14 – Check email, facebook and sign into MSN
8:49 – Read some blogs
11:10 – Refill coffee
11:13 – chat with sister on MSN
11:54 – Write blog entry
12:23 – Lunch
1:09 – Check mail, sign invoices
1:27 – Read some blogs
1:58 – Check on New Girl, make sure she’s working and understands stuff
2:14 – Type letter for Land department, fax and send hard copy
3:27 – Check dating website for daily laugh
4:01 – Move papers around on desk to look like progress is being made
4:06 – Chat with sister some more
5:00 – Home time

I have our company golf tournament in three weeks. I have yet to send out the invitations although I’m thinking this might work:

8 responses

  1. It’s like an updated version of the description of the guys day in Office Space. I can’t remember his name in Office Space but on Sex and the City he was “Berger”.I hate Monday already too!Good luck girl, I am sure you will pull it off!

  2. Hmmm…your days sound oddly familiar to mine!

  3. oh i always get myself into that kind of mess– just make it seem like the office was REALLY busy. good luck!

  4. ringleader–That would be the adorable Ron Livingston. Yummy.Alice, you make me laugh like hell. And today is the first day of my boss’ two week vacation, so I totally have a feeling I will be writing this very same post in two weeks’ time. In fact, I may just copy and paste it. Thanks.

  5. man i miss ¨working¨ in an office, sounds like what I used to do.

  6. I want to work at your work. Well maybe I don’t want to do the ‘work’ part, but Free booze?? That sure as hell sounds tempting…

  7. My invitation would read, “Golf: It’s like a sport, but for douchebags.”

  8. Chatting on MSN with sister shows that you’re a family girl. Bosses love that, don’t they?

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