Taxi Man

After working at my “real” job all day, I went and played server at the restaurant/lounge that I also work at last night. By the time I was done there, after eating butternut squash ravioli (who knew that stuff was so tasty? Seriously I don’t get it), it was almost eleven and I was exhausted.

Instead of waiting ten minutes to catch the bus and endure a ten minute bus ride, with a two block walk tacked on (I know, life is tough) I decided to take a cab. Well this particular cab driver was like the East Indian spokesperson for happiness.

” I am not one to ever complain! There is no need for worry! You only make it worse! Life is always as good as we make it!”

This life lesson was taught to me after I innocently asked how his day was. I learnt my lesson – keep your mouth shut.

Anyhow, after the five minute cab ride, him and I were pretty much best friends. Reminiscing about how great life was and how happy everyone should be and how fantastic the stop signs looked (actually, now that I think about it, maybe he was on mushrooms?) He dropped me off at my house and said “if you don’t have enough that’s ok!”

I hadn’t even mentioned the possibility of not having enough money but apparently this was happy-times cab company where “If You Don’t Pay, We Do!!” I did pay though, and tipped him well.

As I’m walking up my front steps I hear a crashing noise. He hit my neighbors car. He backed right up into it.


He got out and looked at the front of her car, the back of his car, he was still smiling (probably trying not to cry) but he was saying “it’s ok! it’s ok!” So I was like ok, dude’s going to leave a little note, with smiley faces and candy or something. It’s eleven at night, I’m tired, I went inside.

This morning I came outside and saw her car, with a scratch on the front of it and no note. Mr. Happy Cab Driver Man totally hit and ran! I didn’t get his license or anything because I was so sure he’d leave a note.

Not sure if I should tell her or just leave it for now and see if she notices. I’m still in shock that the super nice man could hit a car and run. Maybe it is better to be a jerk after all.

14 responses

  1. If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were making this up. But it’s way too funny to be made up.

  2. It is always better to be a jerk.This may be why I have no friends though, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

  3. Hahahahaha what a freaking nut. He KNOWS there was a witness and he still takes off? C.l.a.s.s.y.

  4. If you’re nice enough, you can get away with whatever you want.

  5. East Indians are nice to your face and jerks when you leave.Not saying that I’m a …actually lets pretend I didn’t say any of this.I’m shocked he didn’t say, “my friend” a billion times.

  6. I was feeling sad for him, the happy-go-lucky wanderer, smiling after he had an accident. And then you remind us that people don’t do the decent thing [even when they’re being watched]. BOO (at him).

  7. What the heck! You couldn’t have made this stuff up. That’s so hilarious. Mr. Happy Man is a crook!

  8. Grrr. What’s the point of pretending to be happy and positive if you’re not going to spread the karma?People are opportunists…..Oh, and PS I’m so glad you comment on my posts. Otherwise I might feel very lonely, I imagine.Hooray! (I’m a loser)

  9. Lindsay – I couldn't make this up if I triedSurviving – I might have to agree Ben – I know, right? Well-Intentioned – so the lesson is to be nicer!?RS27 – actually I think he may haveJessica – What is this world coming to? Angela – I was shocked!S&N – It's def. all about karma. And you're a great writer so I love reading your posts!

  10. Maybe that’s why he’s so happy – because he does all he can to dodge the repercussions of his actions. That guy could teach me a lot about shirking responsibility.

  11. The guy was obviously trying real hard to be positive!I can’t believe he hit your neighbors car and ran! That sucks!!!

  12. i LOVE this post because I absolutelylove making friends with new, random people like taxi drivers. I want crazy things like that to happen to me.

  13. This guy reminds me of my old audiology professor. He was East Indian too, and was famous for beating around the bush for three hours, then when none of us understood it (because he didn’t know how to explain it; not due to a language barrier, but rather he just wasn’t that bright to begin with), he’d be like, “Well, we will review more next week, okay? You’ll see. It will make sense, okay? It will be okay. I love audiology.” Turns out it was never okay, but I don’t think he ever realized that.

  14. Hahahahahahahaah!Funniest. Twist. Of. Fate. EVER.

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