Most. Awkward. Night. Ever.

I had a fabulous day. I was woken up at 8:30 am (yes, I realize an early wake-up does not a fabulous day make – wait for it) by my friend Blondie to let me know West Jet was having a seat sale. She’s been trying to get me to come to PEI with her for ever. We booked our flights round trip for $380! To understand the ridiculousness of this you have to know that it’s across the country (obviously) and that when I went to Newfoundland in 2002 it cost me $1100 – and that was considered “cheap”.

Anyhow, after booking it (in one month I’ll be in Halifax, traveling through New Brunswick, over the Confederation Bridge and into PEI!) a whole group of us decided to go rafting down the river. Since Calgary has no real beaches, unless you count the slew in the South which is more of a man made sewage lake, this is the next best thing. There are literally thousands of people who go on a nice day, drink beer, listen to music and float along down the river. It was fantastic – my day was shaping up very nicely.

My work sponsored a Heavy-Horse Pull team this year (I sound like such a cowboy lately – I swear it’s just because the Stampede is here this week) so I brought two of my very good friends – PA and his wife Frenchie (one girl whom I can tell anything to without ever being judged – love her). We watched the event and drank free beer and generally had a really good time. The cute singer of the band at the event even came and introduced himself to me, which was sweet.

One of the Committee Chairmen and I were chatting and he asked where my boyfriend was. I said I didn’t have one since O/N and I haven’t really talked about it or anything. So he goes into the whole “Well, why not? Pretty young girl like yourself?” To which I always feel like answering:

“Because I don’t actually need a boyfriend to feel good and secure and like I’m worth something. I’m perfectly happy being myself, independent and knowing that I have all my fantastic friends and a great guy who I like spending time with. I don’t necessarily need the labels and the crap that may come with it and maybe in a few years time I’ll be all over that like white on rice but for now I’m actually quite content just living and taking things as they come.”

But of course I didn’t say that. I laughed, shrugged and said something awkward. You know with the whole batting of the eyelashes. “Tee hee, I dunno”.

So that’s fine. Cab drivers ask me if I’m married all the time and when I say no they ask why. When I was a receptionist, the clients in the reception area would ask me if I was married and why not. Strangers always ask me if I’m married and although I feel like telling them that I’m not sure I ever even want to be married and it’s none of their business anyway, I don’t. I laugh and blow it off, but it does get kind of annoying.

It wouldn’t have bothered me so much except that walking to the bar with PA and Frenchie we ran into my friend Bubbly and her new boyfriend. Then my friend PartyGirl and her new boyfriend. We proceeded to the bar with Bubbly and bf, where we met her friends. Another couple. I’m normally very good at not being awkward or even feeling like a 5th (7th?) wheel but this was like coupledom embodied. So between the texts with O/N (who was out with his guy friends for a birthday) I had to enjoy 3 new couples and a married set. Granted the marrieds are the best and I never feel awkward with them. New couples however? Totally different story.

So I left.

And here I am, drunk and rambling. Maybe I’m being a big baby and should have just sucked it up and enjoyed spending some QT with my friends, but really? Not feeling it. Plus I met three really awesome people while waiting for a cab outside, which we ended up all sharing. To thank me for sharing (cabs are impossible to find this week) they paid for my fare so I guess all in all the day was actually pretty great. I think I’ll just have to stay out of those awkward 5th wheel situations for a while.

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  1. I can’t stand feeling like a gooseberry. I’m used to it, but i hate it. I hang around mainly with a guy and a girl in work who are both in relationships. The guy’s girlfriend wanted to meet us last week (cos he talks about us so much) and we arranged to go for lunch – THEN the other girl I work with turned around the day before and said “Oh my boyf might be free, do you mind if he comes?” I said that was fine, but I felt that she had put me in a position I couldn’t say no – she must have realised how uncomfortable it was going to make me to be with two couples and asked anyway. Luckily he couldn’t make it, but I was still annoyed about the whole situation. Apologies for the long comment!

  2. PEI and Halifax will be facking gorgeous that time of year. Or, here’s hoping since otherwise we’ll both be pissed off.

  3. First of all, I completely understand exactly how GREAT of a deal you just scored going to PEI for $380 roundtrip. I had to go to Halifax for Nationals last year and definitely spent upwards of a grand just in flights.And the Calgary river? Dear lord. When my friends and I came for Stampede last year, we decided to go down.. On a fairly windy day. And nearly died. And then got ushered off the river by the “River Police”.. Was definitely one of the most terrifying & fun times of my entire life.

  4. Paula – ugh I know! Can’t you survive without the significant other for like one hour? Not only that but try not to sit on each others laps and make out in front of me! Thanks.Ben – oh, I’ve heard it’s absolutely gorgeous that time of yearWell-Intentioned – How does it cost more to fly across our own country then it does to fly to, say, England? I don’t get it. Also, re: the river – there are two. Sounds like you were on the Bow which is always terrifying yet exhilarating. Next time try the Elbow river – less of a thrill, less chance of dying, more beer allowed.

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