Am I Going To Be Assassinated For This?

So I went to a luncheon yesterday to see the Premier speak. Nevermind the fact that I stuck out like a sore thumb (read: young, blonde wearing a royal blue sweater dress amongst the dozens of grey-haired Suits and the odd (older) woman sprinkled in for effect), poor Eddie doesn’t have a clue. Um, Eddie is the Premier of Alberta – in case I lost you there. He honestly should have an ear piece feeding him what to say. Among his many gems during the Q & A :

  • “We had many meetings in regards to that. I went to a lot of meetings, but I didn’t go to a lot of meetings” (translation: “those meetings are fucking boring, who actually pays attention?”)
  • “Well if you can wait a couple months, ‘so-and-so’ is doing a talk on that coming up very soon” (translation: “I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. I think Pete may have mentioned that at some point in time”)
  • When asked about which historical data he is using for planning the budget, pertaining to the oil sands, he somehow managed to talk for ten minutes about ring-roads, schooling and health care by the end of which everyone had just forgotten what the question was in the first place.

At least the steak was good.

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