TGIF. Or not.

I get a little perplexed whenever the New Girl comes to my office, or calls me for that matter. It’s not as though she’s not an intelligent girl I just think she actually is so new to her position and the office environment that she really, honestly doesn’t Get It. She called me to ask how many bottles of water get delivered each month. She lets the delivery person in, makes sure we have an adequate supply and signs the invoices. My office is on the opposite side of the building, yet I’m supposed to know these things?

Also, I received an email this morning from a service provider with NO punctuation. It reads something like this:

“All of the phone stuff has been completed will take up to 24 hrs to go through have faxed the invoice from may you were missing the invoice for the cases will be dropped off next time I am downtown did charge cc for may also.”

I can hardly make sense of it.

I’m so glad its Friday.

In other news, turning cell phone off early tonight so as to avoid inevitable calling of pseudo-bf. Have to tell myself to step away from the phone. At least he does the whole drunk dialing thing too (case in point – last night) so I’m not a complete and utter moron.

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